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Innovative Reflections

Last week, for two days, I was able to focus on innovation and technology in Education. It was terrific. Along with others in technology and education roles in my area, I attended a Summit that gave me that opportunity. We heard from Aaron Doering during the keynote, who gave a motivating talk on transformative education. I had the pleasure of meeting Aaron briefly before the keynote and afterwards he asked where I had gotten my Caribou coffee. 🙂 Important stuff, of course. After the keynote, kids from an area middle school presented projects they had completed in their coding club. Scratch was one program they had used, and each kid presented their program and advised that it was not hard to learn. It was fun! I have explored Scratch and Scratch Jr. and was glad to hear kids were still using it. If you read the article I posted a link to recently, you can imagine my excitement. It was so great to see kids involved and enjoying programming!

The majority of the two days was spent in sessions presented by area educators on topics such as gamification, digital citizenship, blended learning, Google Apps for Education, coaching for technology integration, and more. Each session presented ways to learn about each topic and engage with others on ways to incorporate it in your own classroom/school.

Takeways: My biggest takeaway was the enjoyment I had being around and discussing technology in education with others who were willing and excited to try out new and different resources to engage students. I have a list of to-do’s and follow-ups that I have yet to tackle but I am sure will inspire future posts!


Finally, a Way to Teach Coding to the Touchscreen Generation | Enterprise | WIRED

I would love to get a coding group together for kids…our local community ed brought in a company recently to teach kids game design and it was very well attended! I have used Scratch, and think (as this article describes) Scratch Jr would be a great way to involve 5-7 year old kids in coding!


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